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York Notes ara ideal study guides for English literature 'A' level and GCSE students, and also provide good background information for first year university level. Covering major works from medieval to modern English literature, and classic and contempora


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حجم الملف 7,94 MB
تاريخ النشر 1981
مؤلف Wole Soyinka

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The Road has neither, other than to say that after an earth-destroying event, things will go hard for the survivors. In the end The Road reminds me most of the 1981 movie The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max); that is, if you can imagine The Road Warrior as co-scripted by Faulkner, Hemingway, Conrad and Samuel Beckett. Chicago Tribune

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Summary Summary Summary Summary In the winter of 1947, the reckless and joyous Dean Moriarty, fresh out of another stint in jail and newly married, comes to New York City and meets Sal Paradise, a young writer with an intellectual group of friends, among them the poet Carlo Marx.