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York Notes ara ideal study guides for English literature 'A' level and GCSE students, and also provide good background information for first year university level. Covering major works from medieval to modern English literature, and classic and contempora


اسم الملف York Notes : Cider With Rosie.pdf
حجم الملف 8,79 MB
تاريخ النشر 1986
مؤلف Laurie Lee
ISBN 582781493

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Cider with Rosie was screened on UK television over Christmas just past. Burgon's music evokes a quiet secluded English countryside that just about persisted through to the end of World War I and a little beyond before the motor car, the cinema and the radio (known as the wireless then) swept away the old world forever.

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A review in The New York Times described it as a 'remarkable book written with such dazzling verbal imagery and such relish in all the sensations of being alive (aged 3 or aged 16) that it is magically contagious'" (New York Times). First edition, first printing: with no statement of edition or printings on copyright page.