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The issue is divided into four studies discussing the patterns of threats that jeopardized the national security of the Arabian Gulf from 1979-2016. It also forecasts the future of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf and the challenges faced in establishing a Kurdish state in northern Iraq (between Iran and Turkey).


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Deconstructing and Countering the Iran Threat Network ... Any policy designed to contain Iran's activities abroad and constrain the players known collectively as the Iran Threat Network (ITN) must therefore follow certain precepts. ... he has led analytical and research efforts in the IDF pertaining to developments in the Middle East and ...

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Authors: Mohammad Ghaderi & Javad Heiran-Nia In accord with Barry Buzan's understanding of Regional Security Complex, the Persian Gulf region is itself a security complex made up of friendship and enmity between nation states, communities, and individuals. The friendships and enmity range from deeply historical to current economic, social, cultural, religious, and even personal matters.